Food Recovery or Zero Waste

Through this program Boundary Community Food Bank collects food that is close to, or at its best before date and ensure that it gets to people in need through our food bank and other community programs.

Boundary Community Food Bank volunteers pick up food and other items from our sources everyday of the year except Christmas day.

The goal of our zero waste program is:

  • to increase the food options for our clients
  • to process fresh food for longer storage
  • to reduce food waste
  • to keep food out of the landfill
  • to divert food waste to farm animals

Who our sources are:

What we collect:

  • Produce (sorted and cleaned)
  • Meat (frozen to extend shelf life)
  • Bakery (fresh and frozen to extend shelf life)
  • Dairy, yogurt, and cheese (some fresh and some frozen to extend shelf life)
  • Miscellaneous non-food products (sent to Whisper’s Thrift Store)

Who we share with:

For more information on this initiative contact Lynda Hynes, Inventory Coordinator