Who uses our Food Bank? Many people are under the misconception that the Food Bank is set up to serve the region’s homeless population. The actual fact is that our clients represent a diverse group, including single parent families, the working poor, seniors, the disabled, individuals who are unemployed or between jobs, as well as those who are struggling with homelessness or other issues. Grand Forks continues to suffer the devastating effects of flooding in 2018, and the numbers using our services reflects the difficult times. We saw a 30% increase in Food Bank users year over year, from 2018 to 2019, while children represent almost one third of the people we serve. We know that ending hunger begins by understanding it and tracking the statistics of Food Bank use is part of that understanding.

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We’re not unique in Grand Forks. Similar trends exist across the country. Here are some statistics, from Food Bank Canada. Or click here to read the entire Hunger Counts report.