About Us

The Boundary Community Food Bank is a 100% volunteer-run organization that is 100% supported by donations from our community. Located in Grand Forks, B.C., we provide food support for residents in need in the Boundary region, serving the area from Christina Lake in the east, to Rock Creek in the west.

Our clients are a diverse group, including seniors, families and individuals. We help the working poor, the disabled, single parents, seniors, children and others. Homeless people make up only a small percentage of our clientele. All our clients allocate a portion of their limited resources towards food, but they may need assistance in meeting all of their food needs. The Food Bank provides clients with enough food for their family for up to 5 to 7 days during a month. Some clients only use our services during winter months, when heating bills are high. Others are one time users when they are between jobs. This is particularly true for our senior or disabled clients, who live on fixed pension income.

Many people are under the misconception that once people start receiving help from the Food Bank, they are clients for life. We go through our files to cull the files of clients who have not visited the Food Bank for 2 years, and each time we do this we find 60 to 70 households who once were clients but no longer require our help.

Many people also don’t know that we also support other organizations within the community. Our mandate is to get food to those who need it, not just those people who use the Food Bank directly. This includes providing bread for the school breakfast programs, food for women in need at the Women’s Resource Centre/Transition House, and sandwiches, meat and produce for lunch programs run by various organization.

2020-21 Board of Directors

PresidentMike Wakelin
Vice PresidentHellen den Ouden
SecretaryLinda Caron
TreasurerVicki Tyler
Inventory CoordinatorLynda Hynes
Volunteer CoordinatorRick Hynes
Directors: Margaret Dietrich
Rick Hynes
Kristy Benson
Alyson O’Neil
Dean Scown
Ali Webster